Wunderfax Logo. A fax machine with a fax that has a smiley face on it. It is drawn in a blue outline. A pink star is one the upper left. Below the fax it says "Wunderfax"

Video Games

Est. 2022 1989

Established in the Kindergarten

Wunderfax was founded in Berlin in summer 2022 by Nick Maierhöfer and Marius Winter, who met in a Kindergarten in Unterfranken.

In their childhood, they started making their first games in tools like Klik&Play.

Today they make games that exude their childlike humor and wonder, and tell wholsome stories that deal with topics such as mental health and finding comfort in our loud world.

Our first project

Since Summer 2022 we are working on a slapstick stealth game that is a love letter to 90's horror games. Haunted by the ghost of their father, a Master Thief, can the clumsy Melone siblings steal their way to laying their father's soul to rest?

Production of this unannounced game begins in late 2023.

Before Wunderfax

Melone in the Dark

The first game we made was a funny homage to the 1992 released Alone in the Dark.

Say No! More

At Studio Fizbin, we wrote and led the development of the 2021 critically acclaimed Say No! More as Game & Art Directors.

This is us



Since picking up Blender and Unity for the first time in 2017, Nick worked as a Game Designer from 2019-2021 at Studio Fizbin and co-founded Wunderfax in 2022.

Being a generalist, he likes tinkering around in many fields.



Marius made flash games as Major Bueno, worked for Telltale Games, Double Fine and Studio Fizbin, and talks a lot about The Secret of Monkey Island. He has a web zone.

At Wunderfax, he focuses on game and narrative design, production, art and voice acting.



After working on a bunch of projects at Studio Fizbin, Nico co-founded Studio Sterneck in 2020 and is now proud employee 00003 at Wunderfax. 

He's the lead programmer at Wunderfax, which means he's cursing a lot. But in a good way.

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